Trying Oprah’s Favorite Bamboo Bed Sheets

“Your bed shouldn’t be where you sweat the small (or big) stuff. This bamboo-sourced set—including sheets and a duvet cover—is the softest ever and helps regulate body temperature, meaning both chilly sleepers and hot flashers can get a good night’s rest.” – Oprah

Trying out Cozy Earth’s Bamboo Sheet Set was my very first experience with bamboo sheets and I was pleasantly surprised! I can see why they were listed as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things in both 2018 and 2019 because they are by far the softest sheets I have every tried. The first thing my husband said to me after I made our bed was “Wow. These are really soft!”. Keep reading for what our experience was like trying out Cozy Earth’s bamboo sheets and for a special 50% off savings!

As a first time mom, I’m extra conscious lately of what we use in the house with a newborn around. Knowing that these sheets are comfortable for not only us, but our little one is awesome! Made of premium 100% viscose from bamboo fabric; these sheets are organic, hypoallergenic, and tested free of harmful chemicals. No need to sacrifice comfort or quality for safety!

Loved my previous blog post about how to style your nursery? Cozy Earth has bamboo sheets for the crib as well! Made with the same safe and non-toxic materials and practices, they are perfect for keeping your nursery sustainable and stylish and giving baby a soft and healthy place to sleep.

We have been using these sheets for several weeks now and have decided to permanently toss out our old sheets. We love how comfortable and soft these sheets are and have found Cozy Earth’s claims of preventing hot flashes, night sweats, increased breathability, and temperature regulation all to be true for us!

I tend to overheat at night during the summer because my husband acts as my own personal heater (even when I don’t need one), but I have not woken up overheated and sweaty once in the several weeks since we have switched sheets. On the other hand, on nights where my husband is on shift at the fire station I have felt just as comfortable and not too hot or too cold without him there either!

Taking care of these bamboo sheets are really easy. There are no special steps or detergents you need to use so they aren’t any more difficult or time-consuming for your regular routine. I washed them using regular detergent and cold water in our washing machine and dried them on normal in our dryer and they came out just as soft and fresh as when I first received them! Not having to change or add to my routine was a big factor for me, just like it is for any mom.

Just look how happy and comfortable my baby girl looks hanging out on mom and dad’s new Cozy Earth bamboo sheets! I think Evie definitely approves of how soft they are and that they don’t make mom take longer to clean them so she can spend time with her instead!

Overall we are really happy with our Cozy Earth bamboo sheets! Our only cons are that in white the pillow cases are a bit see-through (not an issue if your pillow is entirely white underneath) and the fitted sheet bunches a little overnight (I think due to the fit being a tad large even for our pillow-top queen) but the wrinkles and bunches are easily fixed if you take a second to smooth or fluff them out in the morning.

I would definitely recommend trying for yourself and purchasing your own set of bamboo sheets from Cozy Earth; especially since you get 100 nights to try them and they will give you a full refund if you change your mind! It’s an even better deal if you use my code THEKENDRAANN50 to receive 50% off your entire purchase!

*Disclaimer: I received Cozy Earth’s Bamboo Sheet Set in exchange for posting my honest review on my Instagram. This blog post was not a part of that collaboration. All opinions are my own and this post is not sponsored or endorsed by Cozy Earth.

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